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Sunday, June 11, 2006

been busy with life ler.............
anyway a lot of things have been happening. haiz...........
i lost someone that i love so much. it was a very devastating moment.

but life still has to go on rite?
went to my cousins buefdae party on saturdae!!! it was so much fun.
there were party hats, party bags, lollipops, presents and not forgetting
the cake!!!!!

my aunt made the cake for my cousin....cute rite?!

~punk rocker~
11:43 PM

Saturday, April 29, 2006

so...when was the last time i updated? hmm......must be a while. well.....been busy these days, trying to find a job. and finally, i get a job at tampines golden village!!! yippeee!!!!!!!!! futhermore it's quite near to pasir ris so it will be easy for me. went to jb yesterday. mom bought me a levis jeans. hehe!! maklumla.............she just receive the progress money from the govt. that's it! i'm going out now. will update soon

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9:45 PM

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

~punk rocker~
3:33 AM

today...hung out with fyn at tm. then we had luch at new york pizza.
oh god!!! the pizza is so spiccyyyyyy!!!! but still it was very tasty.
then we sat there to talk bout the latest gossips.
haha!! then met my sweetheart at pasir ris,
and we had dinner at magic wok. after that we had some
private time alone. hmm........miss him already.

~punk rocker~
3:26 AM

Sunday, March 26, 2006

today i was suppose 2 go shopping with my mom, but
my aunt called to say that she wants to treat us
to seoul garden. yiiipppee!!!!!!!!! i mean...since i've
not eaten lunch yet...so i can definitely fill my self at dinner.
met my aunties and uncles at 6.
phew!!! lucky me......my aunts and uncles said that they
love my new haircut. hehe!!
i was expecting them to say "ape punya hairstyle ni??!!"
haha!! but they didn't. so i'm happy.
too bad my uncle fir can't be there...
yar....that's because he lied to my aunty bout borrowing her car
to go to his graduation.
padahal....he was out enjoying with his friends.

oki then...i'm turning in now....
i'll update again soon.

~punk rocker~
12:23 AM

Friday, March 17, 2006

i had a blast on thursday night. that's because there
was this party going on at zouk and i get to enjoy it
with people who are wickedly awesome!!!
well....there were souher, wanie, herlis, afiq, syakir,
faj,yana, syaz, fyn,awanis and a few others.
it was so hectic and there were too many people.
the q was also long......but we managed to cut q...hehehehe!!!!
then fyn went in the club with yani, mashas, hafsah
and a girl whom people kept calling gajah! hahahaha!!! and she didn't even asked us follow
her in!!

of course....all of us were so mad at her. because we waited 4
her 4 like 1 hour and then she jus ditch us like that.
that was so uncool of her. but still we manage 2 have lots of fun.
and especially the part when souher and faj pushed yani while
we were all dancing on the dance floor.
it totally craked me up!! i even bumped into
people whom i know and whom i didn't expect 2 be there.

hahahaha!!! in the midst of enjoying life, the fun had to stop at 4am.....
haiz......pathetic...and we had nowhere 2 go.
so we hang around at some void decks. and there these idiotic guys who joined
us. and they kept on blabbering about some stupid jokes. and forcing us to play
truth or dare with them. hehehe!! macham takder keje kan.....
but overall....i had fun!! and especially with cool people.

~punk rocker~
10:00 PM

Friday, February 24, 2006

ok.................sori for not updating!! even though i'm at home all the time,
but my mind is somewhere else.
well..anyway.........nothing exciting happened for the past few days.
But yesterday my dad had a day off, so my dad brought my mom
and i to JB. firstly we accompanied my dad to service the car then he
brought us to "JUSCO". it's a new shopping mall.
the shops there are all branded and expensive shops. I mean
the people there are mostly "kampong people" right? then.....why
do they open shops that sell that kind of clothing.
When i entered into the MNG shop, hehe!! it was so empty. well...except
for the people who's working there.
wanted to buy this 3/4 black pants which was very fitting at my thighs

but it was very very thight at my waist!! gosh!!!
this is the first time in my life that i cannot fit into a small
size pants anymore.
Since i am the type who has to buy something whenever i go out....so i keep circling the
boutique. I came across a cute top but there was no small size. than i saw this really cute
casual dress...and so i tried it on. and it look absolutely fabulous!!
so my mom bought that for me. hehe!! and it cost her like RM$185.
i love the dress and i love her!!!

~punk rocker~
6:20 PM

Saturday, February 18, 2006

sorry for not updating....
i applied for a few courses in republic poly.
i also applied for the apparel and merchandising course
in temasek poly. and now i have to go for an interview,
together with my portfolio which is full of drawings, doodles etc...etc....
so i have been drawing a lot in order to make it. syakir and iskandar will also
be helping me. so it won't be so hard for me. haha!!!
well...............i hope everything will turn out just fine. but if it's possible i would
prefer if i can get the biomedical sciences course that i applied for in RP.

speaking of portfolios and drawings......i came across one of syakir's art piece
the other day.. and WOW!!!!! it's amaizing!!! i have never seen anything like it.
it's just absolutely brilliant!!!
and that's the reason why i am asking for his help...hehehe!!!!

~punk rocker~
5:42 PM


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